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[update]Download Folder lock for pc windows

Folder lock for pc windows 7/8/8.1

Folder lock for pc

  Hello guyz here am going to download the Folder lock for your pc windows 7/8/8.1.By download folder lock for  pc you can lock the folder which contain the high authority data's and also personal data in it.Here am give the step by step process for download folder lock for pc windows 7/8/8.1.


       The features of Folder lock for pc windows that are given by the following.The Folder lock that are very helpful in preventing the data's from stealing.

  • you can hide the folder.
  • Even they apply the show hidden file in the control panel.
  • High authority data that can be keep in save.
  • Only the user off app known how to open the folder.
  • And it contains the password option for the lock.
  • Password cant be broke easily.
  These the some additional features of folder lock for pc windows 7/8/8.1.And also there many additional features in this download folder lock for pc windows 7/8/8.1.For knowing those thing use this folder lock.

How to download folder lock for pc Windows 7/8/8.1

    Here am going to tell step by step process for downloading folder lock for pc.

Step by Step process

Step#1:You can download the folder lock "exe"  file by clicking the download button which are given below
Step#2:After downloading the folder lock "exe" file open click the "Run" button for installation process.
Step#3:After the installation process completed you can see the additional option on the right click of the mouse on the folder.
Folder lock for pc
Step#4:Now you will find the "lock this folder' option on the right click of the mouse on the folder.
Step#5:Select that option and then you can set the password for that folder.
Folder lock for pc

         By this way you can use the folder lock for pc windows 7/8/8.1And also you download folder lock for Android windows & ios.
                And those methods that are given by the following.Here where you can download folder lock for android.

Folder lock for android

  1. Protect private pictures
  2. Lockdown documents
  3. Write secure notes
  4. Hide secret contacts
  5. Secret voice recording
  6. Hide sensitive videos
  7. Create Wallet Cards
  8. Backup locked files on cloud
  9. Easy recovery of lost data
  10. Fake login & hack security

Download Folder lock for Android

                          You can download the Folder lock for Android from the google play store or you can download Folder lock for android simply by clicking the following link which is given below:
Folder lock for Android

Folder lock for IOS


  • Lock sensitive photos
  • Secure your documents
  • Write secure notes
  • Hide secret contacts
  • Record voice secretly
  • Hide private videos

Download Folder lock for IOS

               If your an ios user you can also use the Folder lock for the your iphone.And the Folder lock that are used lock the files with password where others cant that open folder or file without your attention.
                   And where you can simply download  Folder lock for ios by using the download button which are given below
Folder lock for IOS

Final Words

               By this above method you can easily download folder lock for pc windows 7/8/8.1 and also for Android & IOS.In case of issue occurs you can feel free to post your valuable comments below
                                                              Thank you.

Friday, 15 January 2016

{*new}Download Billionaire for pc

How to download Billionaire game for pc?

Billionaire for pc

                Where Billionaire game is the one of the most downloaded game from the play store.Where Billionaire game is top rate game in the google play store.
                 And here am going to tell how to download Billionaire for pc windows 7/8/8.1.After the installation of the Billionaire game on your pc windows 7/8/8.1.You can enjoy playing the game from your pc wndows 7/8/8.1.

Features of Billionaire game

  • You can build your Build Business empire.
  • And you can compete againsts the Worlds Wealthiest figure.
  • You can manage your business in most creative way to earn more fortunes.
  • And aslo you can also compete with your friends,Celebrityz.
  • When you sunddenly get rich and attract authorities suspicion.

Features of Billionaire game for pc

  • you can play the Billionaire on your wide monitor its more attractive.
  • you can play the Billionaire by doing a work in your pc.
  • It increases the life time of your smartphone battery.
  • It reduces the eye problem compared to the smartphone.

Download Billionaire game for pc windows 7/8/8.1  

Billionaire for windows
                       Here i'll tell the step by step method for downloading the Billionaire for pc windows 7/8/8.1.And step by step methods that are given by the below.And the important note you need a gud internet connection for the methods.

Step by Step method

Step#1:To download the Billionaire for pc windows 7/8/8.1.You should need the Android Emulator for pc Such as BlueStacks and Andy.And also you can download the Bluestacks by clicking the link below:
                           If you want to download the Android Emulator Andy you can click the following link,And where both are used for same Purposes.
Step#2: After the download open and run the Bluestacks File on your pc.
Step#3:After the complete installation of Bluestacks on your pc.Now you can open the Application and search for the app in search box.
Billionarie vai Bluestacks
Step#4:Now Enter the "Billionaire" in the search box and press enter button.In the result select the Billionaire and click the download button which is given below.
Step#5:After downloading the Billionaire for pc now open the Billionaire with the Android Emulator .And you can enjoy playing the Billionaire on your pc windows 7/8/8.1.
Billionaire for pc windows 7/8/8.1

                       These are the methods for download Billionaire for pc windows 7/8/8.1.And when your playing the Billionaire on your pc you will feel comfortable and enjoy playing the game.
                       In the Billionaire you can build your own empire and also you can rule it in your way.These are the some additional features of Billionaire
Download billionaire game for windows 7
Download Billionaire game for windows 8

Advantages of Billionaire game

 It's EASY 
               No confounded stuff, simply lift your most loved business and heap up your cash. Deal with your business in the most innovative path conceivable to acquire more fortunes.
                Feast your eyes with an extraordinarily very much composed structures fine art. Purchase and gather every one of them! 
                Acclaim and fortunes will pull in more consideration! Hide out before they brought you down. Make your best dealing with your business to maintain a strategic distance from prison.

Final words

              Download Billionaire for pc windows 7/8/8.1.You enjoy playing the Billionaire on your pc windows 7/8/8.1.And In case of any issue occurs you post your comments below am there for resolving it.And also feel free for posting your comments.

Download billionaire game for windows

{Updared}Download Midori browser for pc windows

MIDORI Browser for Windows

              Midori browser is light weight and fastest browser.And where Midori Browser is the open source browser.Where you can customizes the browser according to your  style.And in this post here am going to tell about how to download the Midori browser to your pc/windows 7/8/8.1.
Midori Browser for pc

         And here I'll give the full tutorial guide for download and installing the midori browser in your pc.

Features of Midori Browser

  • It is a light weight browser.
  • And also it is fastest browser.
  • And important features of midori Browser is its a Open sources Browser .

Midori Browser 
  • It can be customize according to the user.
  • And Midori Browser Where its mainly used in elementary os.   

How to download Midori Browser for pc?  

                         You can easily download the midori browser for pc by simply clicking the following link that are given below:

                                               Midori Browser

                    After the download the Run the exe file by clicking the "Run" button.
                    After the complete installation process.Now you can see the Midori Browser icon on your desktop.
Dowload Midori Browser

                  And then you can enjoy using the fastest Browser on your pc.And where you can also customize the browser by using the setting option in the browser at the left top.

Midori Browser

                 Midori Browser which is the lightweight browser and also you can download the open source Browser by clicking the download button which are given by the following

         After the download and installation of the midori browser in your pc windows 7/8/8.1.You can enjoy using the fastest browser and open sources browser in your pc windows in your pc windows 7/8/8.1.

Midori Browser For MAC and other

                 And also you can download the Midori browser for other os platform such as MAC and Links etc.
               And you can simply download the Midori Browser by clicking the following link that are given by the following.

 Final words

         In case of issue that occurs in download and installation of Midori Browser, you can post the comment below am here to solve the issue.

           Download and enjoy using the Midori Browser in your pc.


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

[Updated]Xender for pc windows 7/8/8.1

How to download  xender for pc windows 7/8/8.1

Download xender for pc 
                  Hy guyz here am going to give you a full tutorial about how to download and install the XENDER in your pc windows 7/8/8.1.Where Xender is the most trending application which are very useful in transferring the flies.And it is mostly used in the android phone for transferring the data and also the file. 
                And here am going to tell step by step process for downloading the xender for pc windows 7/8/8.1.

Download xender for pc windows 7/8/8.1

                           Xender for pc is the application that are mainly that are used for connecting the your pc and mobile phone for transferring the data.And also these application that are also used for connecting the mac with your mobile phone.
                          And also they are used for transforming the data between the MAC and Android phone also.By following theses methods.
MAC and Android

Xender for pc windows 7/8/8.1

Step by Step process:

Step#1:The first step for downloading xender for pc windows 7/8/8.1 you need a Bluestacks application in your pc.And where you can download the Bluestacks application by the blew link that are given:
Download Bluestack

Step#2:After download Bluestacks then click the "run' button for installing the Bluestacks in your computer.And also you can use the andy Android emulator for using the android applications in your pc.
     And also you can download the Android Emulator by clicking here

Step#3:After completion if installation.Now you can open the bluestack application and also sign with your "GOOGLE" account.

Step#4:Now you can search for the Xender application by using the search box that present in the bluestacks application.Now you find the xender application as the result.
Xender via Bluestacks
Step#5:Now select the xender and select the download option.After the download you can open the xender with Bluestacks or Android Emulator.
                  And now you can enjoy the transferation of the datas between the mobile phone and the pc computer.

How to connect the pc and Mobile phone(android) using Xender?? 

                  After the download of  Xender in your pc. Now open the Xender application in your mobile(android) phone
  • Now you can see the Click on buttom to connect pc page on the rigth top.
  • Now click on the scan button.
  • And you can scan the QR code which are given below.
    QR code
  • Scan the QR code carefully. 
 By scanning this qr code you successfully connect the pc windows 7/8/8.1 and your mobile9Android) phone.And now you can njoy transferring the data between them.
         And the same process that are carried by the MAC OS platfrom.

Final Words

                   By the above method you can easily  connect  your mobile(Android) phone with your pc windows 7/8/8.1 or MAC.
                      IN case of issue occurs feel free to post your comment am there for solving it.  

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

[Updated]Download Geometry Dash for pc

Download Geometry dash for pc windows 7/8/8.1

                        Hy guyzz here am going to tell you about the geometry dash game and how to download and install in your pc.And then you can enjoy playing the geometry dash in your pc windows 7/8/8.1.


                   Geometry dash is the simplest and more interesting game for pc.Which make you play the in repeat mode and that addict you to play it.In the following i give the how to download the Geometry Dash game in your pc windows 7/8/8.1.
                   Geometry Dash that contains the different levels and each levels that are different and each levels that are little tough  compare to before level.


And the most important thing in the Geometry Dash is timing jumps.And the very important thing is timing when you want jump exactly that makes the Geometry dash very interesting.Each level you completed you will get the most credit points where that can be used for getting the life for the Geometry Dash.And here the steps am going to tell how to Download Geometry Dash for pc Wndows 7/8/8.1.

Download Geometry for pc windows 7/8/8.1

Download Geometry for pc windows 7/8/8.1 you increase your smartphone battery life.And you can play the game on your pc with big screen.That makes more interesting.
In the extraordinary Practice Mode you'll get arbitrary checkpoints dropped into the level to offer you some assistance with making it through all the more effectively. Obviously, genuine devotees won't acknowledge this as truly finishing a level, yet the practice helps a great deal and having the capacity to do a couple keeps running without continually being pushed back to the level's begin offers you some assistance with getting used to the interface, and also not get to be disappointed (as well) geometry dash for pc
Talking about getting to be disappointed, get prepared for it. Coming extremely close to finishing a level just to wind up making a dumb slipup and back to the levels' starting is irritating, no doubt. Furthermore, even the "simple" levels take some an opportunity to ace. All things considered, the feeling of fulfillment you'll get from making it to the end will be justified, despite all the trouble! What's more, strangely, you'll generally discover Geometry Dash for PC reasonable – when you pass on (which truly just means restarting) it truly is on the grounds that you fouled up. Albeit no measure of practice will avoid human download geometry dash for pc mistake, so gamers that are too effectively baffled might look somewhere else.
Every level includes new obstructions that turn out to be progressively unfriendly, so you'll need to keep your desktop and versatile forms geometry dash for pc With Andy OS you'll have up-to-the-moment Android Operating Software overhauls that originate from the Google Play Store are synced to your gadgets consequently. Push ready notices are synced at the same time from your portable to your PCs when you download Geometry Dash for PC Windows 7/8 or Mac. Just by marking into your record in Google, the emulator programming is prepared to work once introduced. In the mean time, the cloud drive serves as your boundless reinforcement download geometry dash for pcstockpiling for all the information you spared so you don't need to feel uneasy about the scores, settings and accomplishments getting lost on their way.
Downloading Geometry Dash for PC Windows 7/8 or Mac gives you a chance to get to this addicting diversion on your PC/Mac. Quit trading off your cell phone battery and play on your desktop or Portable workstation! With the imitating programming innovation of Andy OS, you can consistently exchange your most loved applications to your intense desktop!
Another reason this diversion is so addicting is that you can make your own particular levels. When you have download geometry dash for pc Andy OS introduced on your desktop, you can at the same time speak with your contacts in WhatsApp and Viber versatile informing applications so you can tell your companions. Essentially, you can correspond with your companions about your advancement consistently when you download Geometry Dash Windows 7/8 or Mac. Assume responsibility of your virtual and social existence without the bother of various programming situations looming your assignment.

Your versatile registering background is made less demanding with the mechanically propelled components of Andy Android Emulator. Its open OS unrest makes it workable for you to get to your most loved amusement at the accommodation download geometry dash for pc of your handheld devide or at download geometry dash for pc the comfort of your home desktop. Besides, can even utilize your cell phone as the virtual controller

Download Geometry Dash

Steps for downloading Geometry Dash

    Step#1:Download the Bluestacks in your pc.And you can download the bluestacks by using the following that are given:

Steps#2:In case you can also download the Android emulator which is used for pc to work with android applications.And where you can download the Android emulator by using the following link.

                                                    Download Android emulator 

Step#3:After Downloading the Bluestacks or Android Emulator open and run the application to install the application sucessfully.

Step#4:After the installation successful.Open the application and sign with GOOGLE account.And then open the application,

Step#5:NOw you can search for Geometry Dash game in the search box and then select the Geometry dash game in the search the download option.

Step#6:After the download the Geometry game you can open the game with the Bluestacks or Android Emulator.And then you can enjoy playing the Geometry Dash game on pc.

           By following above steps you can simply download the Geometry dash on pc.And you can play and enjoying the game.

Final words

              By this you can enjoy playing the Geometry Dash on your pc.In case of issue occures you can commet in below boxBy this i can solve your problems.

Monday, 11 January 2016

[updated]How to use 2 whatsapp in 1 android

How to use 2 whatsapp in one android 

       Hy guys here am going to tell about the tricks how to use a two whatsapp in one android phone.Where the whats app is most famous application for text message and share the images and videos and even also the contact from your phone.
     Here i will tell you to use the two whatsapp in one android phone withuout  ROOTING it.Here we no need for router or any external dives for using 2 whats in on android phone.
       In case we use a rooter it may affect your phone,those we'll not  root it.Then how can we use a 2 whatsapp in one android phone??......The answers that are given below to to use a 2 whatsapp in one android.


                   OGWhatsapp ApK 2016 and Dual Whatsapp : Using Dual whatsapp is one of most inclining subject furthermore is the best WhatsApp traps. 

As you definitely realize that Whatsapp is the most famous texting application accessible for cell phone – Android,iOS and for java telephones. The whatsapp was discharged on 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum who was the workers of Yahoo !. Presently it is possessed by facebook. The whatsapp picked up the notoriety in a less times because of its elements. It has 400 billion dynamic clients now. 

Next to having a few components however there is a few elements needs in whatsapp that is you can utilize stand out whatsapp account on a telephone. Along these lines, imagine a scenario in which you what to utilize various or Dual whatsapp ?. At that point by what method would you be able to do that ? Numerous individuals needs to utilize different whatsapp on single telephone. Thus, here I'm going to tel, you how to utilize double whatsapp on android :

Steps by step process to install OGwhatsapp

Instructions to Install OGWhatsapp ? 
Step 1 : First of open you whatsapp and reinforcement up all talks. By tapping on Setting>back up visits. 
Step 2 : Now you need to clear your Whatsapp's information for this simply go to Settings>Application Manager >Whatsapp > and after that tap on Clear Data. 
Step 3 : Now open SD card with record pilgrim/any document supervisor application and simply discover the Whatsapp Folder. 
Step 4 : Now simply rename the Whatsapp organizer to OGWhatsapp. 
Step 5 : Now just Uninstall the Whatsapp. 
Step 6 : Now next step is to introduce then OGWhatsapp for the download the OGwhatsapp apk structure underneath. 
Step 7 : with a specific end goal to introduce an application utilizing its establishment record as a part of .apk organization from telephone's sdcard or inside memory, you initially need to empower that from settings. 
Step 8 : For Android 4.0 (or more) → Go to Settings » Security and check 'Obscure Sources' crate. 
Step 9 : Now simply open the downloaded OGwhatsapp APK and introduce it. 
Step 10 : Now the last step is to confirm your old number in the OG variant of WhatsApp and after that check your new number in the typical form of WhatsApp .which you need to download from play store after establishment of OGWhatsapp. That is it now appreciate double whatapp on android.

Two whatsapp in one android 

       Here am going to teel to use 2 whats app in one android phone and the things we need is given by the following:
  • A good Andriod phone
  • Download the GBwhatsapp(APK)
  • Works with non rooted
  • Need a internet connection.
 These are the some things that are used for using a2 whatsapp in one android phone.

Download GBWhatsapp

Features in GBwhatsapp:
  • You can hide your last seen.
  • you can hide blue sticks.
  • you can also hide tyiping.
  • And also you can copy a message without date and time.
  • you can also the video size of 30MB-50MB.
  • Even you can hide your name status and your contacts.
theses are the features that are used in GBWhatapp.And also you can download the GBwhatsapp in the below link that are given:

                                     DOWNLOAD GBWhatsapp

           You can download the GBwhatsapp in the "APK" format drom the above link.

Steps for installing 2 whatsapp in one android phone

Step#1: Download the GBwhatsapp from the above link or you can alsop download the Gbwhatsapp in the below link also:


step#2:After Downloading the GBwhatsapp in your phone then open and install the application your phone.During the installation the process of installing.

Step#3:After the installation completed you can known open the GBwhatsapp in your menu or in your home screen.And then start working.

Step#4:Now enter the number where the scenod whatsapp num is going to use.And then you will recevie the verification number from the whats app then you can enjoy working the dual whatsapp in one android phone

                   By these method you can use the Dual/2 whatsapp  in one android phone,

  And its easy way to use the 2 whatsapp in one android.If you issue occure am there for you to solve feel free to post your comment below. And also you can use a more than two whatsapp account in your pc.And there ticks that are givien by the next pages

1st-Original whatsapp

Final words

                   These are the simple steps to install the 2 whatsapp in 1 android phone.By followin these sets you can easy install the 2 whatsapp in 1 android phone its self.In case of any issues plz commend down ill give the proper solution for that. 

[Update]Download Flipkart for pc windows 7/8/8.1

Download flipkart app for pc windows 7/8/8.1
 Flipkart app for pc
        Hey here you can download the flipkart app for your personal computer and laptop for OS version windows 7/8/8.1 and also you can download the flipkart app for yor pc windows 10.By following those steps.
        Downloading flipkart app for pc 7/8/8.1 you can get lots of bonus cards for your purchasing, By using those cards you can get lots of discount for your products.
       Downloading filpkart app for pc  you can use the gift cards for the purchase of the products.And also you will get the credit points for the purchasing.And there are lots of things you can aompare and buy those products in flipkart app for pc.
   For Downloading flipkart app for pc windows 7/8/8.1. First you want to download and install the BlueStacks   app.Where the Blue stack app that contains the APK  format .

flipkart app for pc
                              Flipkart app for pc is India's No 1 internet shopping app for pc. In the event that you are searching for flipkart app for pc, then you ought to be a standard online customer. Flipkart is an online megastore with the which could be utilized for nothing as a part of flipkart for pc. In flipkart app for pc you might look over a huge choice of unique items in Fashion, Electronics, Books, Mobiles and numerous different classes. From flipkart for pc you will likewise get opportune alarms on numerous extraordinary manages generous rebates, each day. Flipkart for pc gives you a happy Shopping with no bother returns, 100% purchaser insurance is additionally ensured. You could likewise settle on various decision of installments, for example, Cash on Delivery, Credit/Debit Card, EMI, NetBanking, PayZippy in flipkart for pc. More brilliant pursuit has been empowered in flipkart for pc to gaze upward new items, classifications or brands utilizing content, voice, standardized identification or savvy guides. Investigate your way in flipkart for pc and you can rapidly switch between rundown, lattice and full screen sees. Flipkart for pc permits you to pinpoint items to discover what you need with the sort and multi channel capacities. With flipkart for pc you'll never miss an offer and you will likewise access customized and elite app bargains. You will likewise get Personalized Alerts in flipkart for pc on customized offers, value drops, request status and restrictive dispatches. You will likewise get item recommendations when you pick an item in flipkart for pc taking into account your shopping history.

Flipkart app for pc

                                 The elements of flipkart app for pc is past breaking points and the principle motivation behind why you ought to begin utilizing this application on your pc as opposed to getting to official Flipkart by means of its site is a result of its components. Flipkart app for pc has an OK and a rich client interface which will let you to surf every single item in each side of the Flipkart. You can keep signed in with your client ID and begin shopping in flipkart app for pc. Flipkart app for pc has everything prepared and it is impeccably secured.Flipkart app for pc download.
                                Flipkart app for pc additionally bolsters signals which will effectively let you to discover distinctive items utilizing basic motions and this is the key to hunt down items soon. You can likewise think about between two items in flipkart app for pc effortlessly by swiping and it is a wonderful element to encounter. You ought to utilize flipkart app on your pc since it will expend less transfer speed or information and you can likewise spare a considerable measure of information. Another fundamental component of flipkart app for pc is that flipkart is putting forth part of coupons and rebates for those clients who are purchasing items utilizing the app as a part of your pc thus you can without much of a stretch utilize those offers in your pc now.
 Download flipkart APK file format

For downloading BlueStacks app for pc click the link below:  
                                        Download BlueStacks

Downloading flipkart app for pc windows 7/8/8.1

Step by step process:
Step 1:Download BlueStacks in your computer And then install by clicking the “run”button.

Step 2: Open the BlueStack app and in the search box enter “flipkart” to search and find the Flipkart apk app for your pc.

Step 3:Then select the flipkart app and open it.And click the download button on the bottom.
Step 4:After the download run the apk file with BlueStacks.

                Thts it you have successfully completed installing the flipkart in your pc.Now you can enjoy shopping in Flipkarat.And also you can get the free gifit cards for the first purchases.
 Android APK

            I strongly recommended you to download the download the Android Emulator in your pc which is very helpful in running all android appin your system its in all OS version of windows

             This make your pc with android interface.And here we can use all android app in your pc windows 7/8/8.1.Those app that are veryful wher you can change your windows platform view to the android formate.
                 And where android platforms are very user friendly compare to the windows platforms. 
Download flipkart app for windows 8

Features of Flipkart app

         Flipkart for pc permits you to share connections of fascinating items on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ with your Friends.View your items in more noteworthy point of interest with the huge, multi-viewpoint pictures in flipkart app for pc. You could likewise spare pictures to your telephone or right away impart them to companions in flipkart app for pc. You might likewise add items to your flipkart app for pc list of things to get with only a tap. Download flipkart app for pc now.
       The Bengaluru-based firm, which today included a social component "Ping" to its app, has around 50 million month to month dynamic clients of its portable app. 

"We are concentrating on portable. There is an enormous business sector. 900 million individuals today have cellular telephones in the nation… 

Be that as it may, there is no course of events on closing down some other organization," Flipkart Boss Item Officer Punit Soni told correspondents here. Flipkart is one of the nation's biggest online commercial center and rivals any semblance of Snapdeal, Amazon and littler players in the nation. 

Myntra, an organization that Flipkart obtained a year ago, has effectively gone app-as it were. Looking at Ping, Soni said the thought is to add the social experience to web shopping. 

"Generally, when individuals shopped, they would approach their family and companions for sentiment. For on the web, it happens in disengagement where you might impart screen shots to companions, requesting their feeling," he include

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LeEco (Letv) Le 1S Specifications
3 GB RAM | 32 GB ROM
2.2 GHz Helio X10 Turbo MTK 6795T Octa Core Processor
Unique finger impression Scanner
Full Metal Unibody
Android v5 (Lollipop) with EUI OS
13 MP Primary Camera
5 MP Secondary Camera
Double Standby with Dual 4G Sim (LTE + LTE)
5.5 creep Touchscreen
Sort C –Quick Charge
LeEco (Letv) Le Max Specification
4 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM
2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 MSM8994 Octa Core Processor
Unique mark Scanner
21 MP Primary Camera
Android v5 (Lollipop) with EUI OS
4 MP Ultrapixels (Comparable with 8 MP) Secondary Camera
Double Standby with Dual 4G Sim (LTE + LTE)
6.33 crawl Touchscreen
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